selecting armature bug?

I am new to rigging but I think that this must be a bug. i am using 2.42 Once i make a test model I add armature, then add a modifier armature. finally I weight paint it… Here is the problem in weight paint mode when I select armature ( right click) the whole armature is selected and i get into object mode again. this does not always happen sometimes it works great so when i select a section of the armature i can weight paint it.Am i missing something? hope I explained it well


When the Armature is selected as an Object, simply switch to Pose Mode, then select your mesh again (switches to Object Mode), choose Weight Painting, and you’re good to go. R-click the bones you want to paint weights for.

I know but when I switch to weight painting mode and right clickt an armature to weight paint I go into object mode without wanting to. This does not always happen sometimes it works fine. I can’t figure it out except bug.


Okay, maybe second time around it’ll be clearer…

The Armature must be in Pose Mode prior to selecting the mesh and going into Weight Painting mode. So, select your Armature. If it’s in Object Mode, switch to Pose Mode. Then select your mesh and switch to Weight Painting. Mesh should turn blue + pretty colors, and your Armature should appear in Pose mode. Bones should then be selectable by R-clicking on them.

PS. It’s not a bug.

That’s it i must of done that a few times without realizing it but not all the time. Thank you