Selecting "back" vertices?

Hi all…

quick question here. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a “select” or “ignore” backfaces/vertices type command in Blender? Reason I ask is it would be a great time saver to not have to rotate my view around in order to grab every vertex or surface that I want with a single selection box.

I could swear it used to grab them all by default… but it seems that’s disabled now and only those I can see on-screen are selectable.

I appreciate any help!


I’t is a new feature, will only select visible vertices when in shaded view mode.

You can toggle it with this button:

Ahh okay…

Cool… thanks for the help!

Weldertier, is there something I need to do to make that button visible? I was using it the other day, and now it is gone. I’m using 2.36.

Thank you

You need to be in shaded mode.

Thanks William!