Selecting background images in the viewport?


I’m totally new to blender.

I have multiple background images in my scene, how do I select a specific one in the viewport?

Currently I can use the (N) hotkey panel to move and scale each one by entering parameters, but I can’t select them directly in the scene in order to use the grab/translate etc modifiers in the viewport to do the manipulation with the mouse - I can only select the object.

You can only use the controls to size and position background images in the properties panel. They are not real objects so cannot be interacted with using any other controls. These controls also set the view the image will be visible in and to stop it being shown you could set it to be transparent.

You can add images to planes (see the images as planes addon) which you can then move like any other object. You’ll need to be in textured view mode to see the texture.

Helpful answer :).