Selecting contiguous polygons.

This is a pretty quick and simple question, and I’m asking you all because I can’t seem to find the answer via googling.

Say I’ve got an object made out of a bunch of smaller, unconnected parts. Like a car and it’s wheels, for example. Say I want to select one of the wheels. Is there a way to grab just that object? Like is there a way I can select the faces, vertices, or edges of one mesh, and ignore the rest that aren’t connected directly to it? Object mode would be the most obvious answer, but Blender treats everything in the scene as if they were a part of a single mesh. I could lasso it, but that’s hardly a quick and easy solution, specially when you start getting into crowded geometry. I want to be able to select a face, hit a button, and BAM, every part welded to that object is now selected.

I’m sure I’m missing the totally obvious answer here, but…hey, I’m a Blender noob. Help a guy out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Select a vertex and press L or Ctrl+L to select all linked vertices or L while your curser is hovering over the mesh

Excellent! Thank you!