selecting edit bones

Does anyone know the trick for making an edit bone the active bone. I mean I do = bone and nothing happens until I click in the 3d view window then it changes. Is there anyway to make it update properly in the script??

if it becomes active on a click in viewport, than it’s already the active one, the viewport just required a refresh

if you wanna make an area redraw, call tag_redraw() on that area

Yeah, it seems to be working at this point, I believe, it may have been the way that I did it wasn’t just right.
But my issue was trying to run bpy.ops.armature.duplicate() it keeps returning cancelled. I run bpy.ops.armature.select_hierarchy(direction=CHILD) before it and that runs correctly the proper bone seems to become active now yet duplicate fails everytime.

It appears to have the just the head or tail selected. As thats the only way I could imagine it read the proper bone and still fail.

Thanks for your time, its very appreciated.