Selecting editing with symmetry without using mirror modifier

I created a sculpt from another app and want to import and render in blender.
I want to select polys symmetrically in real time so I can assign materials, etc.
So no mirror modifier because the model is already done and with uvmaps.
Can’t seem to find a symmetry mode. I’ve searched google.
Workflow I found on the net is to select the polys on one side then mirror select.
So its not real time selection and no way to edit the model in symmetry real time.
Also drawback is it deselects the other half when using mirror select but I think I can toggle it in preference.


For assigning materials, sadly, no. There is a mirror editing option, but it only works for transforms (i.e. moving/rotating/scaling vertices + proportional editing.

Mirror Selection doesn’t necessarily deselect though, it has an Extend option (@zeauro ninja’d this one).

If you already have UVs though, you could try a different approach: Select Linked. It has various delimiter options (seams, sharp edges, materials…).

Yes I saw the docs about it earlier but haven’t tried but it seems to be for vertex mode only.
Can’t use it in edge or poly mode. Its in the mesh option I think but can’t find it in 2.8.

So if the model has mirror modifier collapsed, or basically like importing a zbrush sculpt, editing symmetrically would be hard in blender? Say I wanted to add new fingers make them bigger. I would have to use symmetrize to copy those change on the other side. Not sure if it will destroy any vertex maps.

In edit mode:
And those X,Y,Z buttons in the header are shortcuts to this. It does work with edges and faces, but like I said, it’s not for adding/removing geometry, just for transforming.
Adding new geometry symmetrically on an object with broken symmetry would be hard, period, even if it’s topologically symmetrical. Probably better to create the fingers as a separate object (with mirror), and then join to the model, connect the verts, stitch UVs, etc.
Or you could e.g. extract the hands into their own object, work on them with mirror, then transfer data from the original model, then add new UVs. Could even go nuclear and do that with the whole body.

And even with transforming there are limitations, as slide for instance doesn’t work. This is a feature I miss regularly from Nvil/Voidworld, and I wish this’d receive some developer love.
I also regularly work with meshes that have their uv’s/vertex index locked, so I know your pain :smiley:
But it’s not only that either, meshes that are mostly symmetrical but have some asymmetrical elements are a perfect use-case for a non-modifier mirroring, as well as posed models (although I don’t use this often).



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