Selecting faces below a line

I have my 3d landscape. I want to select all the faces below sea level. Is there a way of selecting all the faces below a specific Z co-ordinate?

Youn could just go in side or front view and Box-select everything below your sea level (press B to turn box-selecting on).

It’s not quite what I was looking for but it definately makes things easier then selecting one at a time.

Thanks for the tip!

The B key would work great for me if I had the Z co-ordinates of where I currently am and the Z of my water plane. Is there a way to get the x y and z to show up on the screen of where I am and what I’ve selected?

I’m not sure about getting the coordinates to show up but you can make a plane and put it at the correct height. Make your plane, hit N and in the Z axis adjuster type in whatever your water level is. Then in side view (also wireframe) hit B and draw your box starting at that plane and just drag down. Hope this helps.

If you place the 3D cursor somewhere you can see its X,Y,Z location.

View–>View properties and then the coordinates can be seen.

Then, if you have an object selected, NKey will give you its coordinates. You could compare the two I guess.

If you split your view windows and have the data displays in one and work in the other, it’s a real time update.

The B (Block Select) is working pretty good. So how to I block un-select?

Not exactly sure what you mean, but there is
Select–> inverse

Or you could press B and use the middle mouse button instead of the left button, which deselects everything inside the box.