Selecting faces through other objects - new feature?

Ok so I have this problem in my workflow when it comes to retopoing my meshes. The problem is that by default Blender allows you to select the faces of your LOWPOLY mesh even if its not visible through the mesh you are doing the retopo ON. I hope I explained this correctly. I want to mask ALL my selections to the visible viewport on EVERY object, not just the one that is selected and in editmode.

Is there a way to limit this selection? The “limit selection to visible” tap is not working because it only applies it to the one selected and in editmode. Doing retopo you always have the highpoly on there too but you can accidentally select through it all the time and its really annoying. Is there a feature to limit selection like this?

Here are some pics to demo what I mean. So I would want the masking to work so you cannot select the backside faces no matter what through other objects. Now it happens all the time when doing retopo.