Selecting Images When Importing to Compositor

Hi there,
I have various elements of an item in my scene rendered out into a folder.
Lets call this folder “Thing”.
Within thing there’s 100 frames each of Thing_Diffuse, Thing_Spec, Thing_Shad etc.
From the Compositor Image Node, I go to import the Diffuse pass, but find I can’t select the first frame and then Shift select the last to pick the whole 100 frames (like in Windows). I can’t just press A to select all, because there are other elements in there.
So, my question is, how can I select just those 100 frames?

Right now to do this, I pick the 1st frame, then from the Image node, I change the single image toggle to image sequence, then change the frames to 100. This works, but is ridiculously tedious. I’m sure there must be a better way.

Thank you in advance for any help on this.

Nothing? I remember there being a nice fast way to do this in the Blender 2.49 days.
It was easy to quickly select a string of frames. I don’t recall how, or what hotkey combo was.