Selecting inner mesh vertices

Hi there,

I’ve done loads of tutorials, but I can’t find this one solution.

I was doing Blender Guru’s Pint Glass ( ) and at 7.50ish, he selects the inner vertices of a pint glass, which has been solidified to 1mm thickness. But, when I try and select the inner mesh vertices, only the outside ones select. I clicked a button in the modifier which caused both the outer and inner vertices to be selected, but I cannot select it alone.

I see from the youtube comments that I’m not the only person to struggle on this point. I’ve tried any tip about the Select menu and selecting inner mesh. It’s driving me crazy.

Help would be appreciated! I’m keen to learn.


He selects them in wireframe viewport shading mode (hotkey Z). It might be hard to see and select that way. Could improve the visibility by disabling subdivision surface modifier in edit mode, that is done from the modifier header.

Could also use clipping border to show only the selected area, select something from the inside geometry, and then use increase selection to select more. Clipping border is alt+B (draw/off), edge or face loop alt+select (or select vertex/face in the middle), then ctrl+numpad_+ to increase selection.

Someone asked same question concerning the same tutorial some time ago. Recorded my screen to show how the selection would go with those.

Ah, thank you so much! I’ll give that a try as soon as I can get to Blender. The video is really helpful too! Can’t thank you enough!