selecting meshes with a wildcard?

Can I select multiple meshes with some kind of wildcard function in Blender?

Maybe go to a browser window and type flowers

thanks in advance

Not as such AFAIK…

There is a script that it selecting an object by name and that does work on partial matches but I selects only the first object that meets the criteria. It shouldn’t be that difficult to modify for multiple selection. Wild card matches would probably require a full Python install though, and a bit more work.
But better do a search in the Script Catalog (huge) first :

Oh thank you - some great scripts there

I was hoping Blender might have this feature built in hidden somewhere :wink:

You can box select, or draw select, visible objects in the 3D window. You can select items from a list in the Outliner window.

Hey Papa :slight_smile:

I think that he knows that : you understand something to Python don’t you ? How much work would that be to make that script select rather than activate ? Right now, as soon as it has found one object the function stops looping for other objects that could fit with the search criteria.


@ PapaSmurf thank you

I have found out how to select multiple OBJECTS with wildcards via the databrowser (shift + f4)

But I’d like to be able to do this (ME)SHES as well. As Iaminnocent says Python would probably be the way to go.

cheers guys