Selecting mouth shapes from a 2D grid controller via driver

Hi! I am having a bit of an issue with what I’m trying to do -
basically the setup is simple, I have a Grease Pencil mouth that has multiple shapes (open to narrow, laughing to frowning) that are stored in GP keys and accessed via time offset modifier. Now I have a driver that cycles through the shapes by changing the frame offset, but that only works in a one-dimensional way (frames in chronological order)
I would like to have the controller act more like a traditional mouth control in shape of a square, where the top corresponds to all laughing frames, the bottom to frowning, left to narrow, right to wide.
However, I can not think of any way to setup the driver so it picks the correct frame offset - maybe there is a way of proximity where the driver will transmit a frame number that is associated with a vertex it’s closest to? I have the feeling I am possibly missing something obvious

I mean basically it could work the same like accessing shape keys via driver, which is fairly easy, the only problem is that the time offset modifier does not allow mixing shapes and only goes in one direction instead of the square picker

cheers :slight_smile:

IDK Grease Pencil keys but i assume they are something like shape keys for vertices… anyway: Why timeset offset ??? If you use some simple geometry as controller then the change in +Z from 0 to +1 would just translate to the relative value in the laugh key value, Z = 0 to -1 the value of frown and for example -1 to 0 on X to narow and x= 0 to 1 to wide…

Hi! Well the time offset is necessary because each GP mouth shape is stored in a different frame (time) and you access the different shapes by offsetting the GP time frame, so the problem is that I need to somehow convert the 2 dimensional movement of my controller into something that is “readable” by the one-dimensional, integer GP timeline (values from 1-20, each one corresponds to a different shape).

Okay i didn’t looked too close into the grease pencil since 2.8 but i already knew this is a powerfull tool… as i said before in mesh modelling someone can store shapekeys to just have different “shapes” of the same mesh and slide this from value 0 to 1 (and multiple ones at the same time so a frowning smile would be possible :sweat_smile: )… so i’m a bit confused that some have to use “poses” in hidden time frames…

Yeah the thing is that you are generally correct, the problem is only that Grease Pencil unfortunately does not support shapekeys …