selecting multiple faces for add transparency????

(rav_bhara) #1

On a sphere i need to make each individual face transparent by selecting add. can i choose every face or do i have to do each individual one. i select all faces but nothing works, can someone help

(iconjunky) #2


hold shift while selecting faces to select multiple faces. The last face you select is like the control if you want, then change light/invisable/collision tabs etc. then just hit copy draw mode.

or select one face for the control, then AKey for all faces, then copy draw mode to apply the selected tabs to all faces…

Hope that helps.


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(wiseman303) #4

you can also use box select.
Or hit tab when you are in face select mode to be able to select vertices by linked (‘L’ key), with box or circle select (‘B’ key), by group (from the edit buttons), or by material (also edit buttons).
When you return to face select mode, those faces will be selected.

(saluk) #5

Yep, the many ways of going about your business in blender. One of the coolest thing is you can always find another way to accomplish the same task if you try hard enough. Take the thread a while back on making a single vertex mesh, that was interesting.

(Pooba) #6

Just do this: go into face mode for the sphere, and then push a for select all/deselect all. then hit the add button in the face buttons, and hten hit copy drawmode. you don’t have to hold shift to select every single one.