Selecting Multiple Vertices in Wireframe Mode

This week I’ve started practicing modeling with a reference photos to get used to the tools in Blender. But for some reason my version of Blender (ver. 2.74) will not select both front and back vertices of a cube when I right-click. For now the only thing that has been working is using the circle select tool, but I feel like I’m doing more steps that aren’t needed. Any chance someone can help me out with my problem? Can’t seem to find an answer online or on the forums.

Did you watch the cube from the front in Orthographic view.
In this case the vertices namely are exactely in line seen from your view.
Because of this selecting both vertices is indeed hard as you’ll probably disselect the vertice you already selected.
TO prevent this you could

  • as you said, use the circle select tool or the box select tool
  • scroll around the object so that the vertices aren’t in line anymore
  • or change to perspective mode (numpad 5)

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

You can select vertices which are lined with rightclick, just keep Shift down. Might be not practical but possible.