Selecting Non-Manifold mesh in 2.8

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Is there a way of binding this to a shortcut? I’m finally making the move to Blender 2.8 and found that selecting non manifold meshes’ is not as easy as it was in 2.79, the version I started using Blender with. It’s really convenient during retopology and modelling, and in 2.79 the key bind for it was “shift+ctrl+m”.

I tried that shortcut in 2.8 and nothing happened, and it seems like it was removed.

I’ve added it to my Quick Favorites menu.

Did you setup your key mapping to 2.79 in user’s preferences?

That did the trick, thanks!

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Already solved, but thanks for the suggestion. Though that’s what I did at first, I was advised to instead get used to the new keymaps, as hanging unto 2.79 keymaps will just make things harder as Blender updates.

I found an even better solution, selecting non-manifold options can be located at select > select all by trait > non - manifold. Right click on it to reveal a set of options, including assigning a keybind for it. I used the old shortcut from 2.79 for this and voila. I get to keep learning the new keymaps and fill in the missing ones with 2.79’s keybinds!

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