Selecting objects and bones is veeeery slow


I’m about to start an animation with a kinda advanced rig, but selecting bones in the 3D-View takes up to 20 seconds, what is way to much, I think. I thought, that would be normal, but selecting objects in the outliner works fine and in some tutorials I’ve seen, even selecting in the 3D-View doesn’t take any second.

I don’t think, that the guys, who made these tutorials have a PC like the NASA, but modified something in their systems or in blender, so, if anybody knows, what to do… Can I speed up the selecting process in the 3D-View? :smiley:

I’m working on

elementary os 0.2 (luna) (64-bit)
Kernel Linux 3.8.0-39-generic

Intel Core i5-3570 with On-Board Graphics

Sorry, if my english is bad and thank you so much for answers!


Ok, I think, this helped a bit, thank you :smiley: