Selecting objects by object attributes

Is there any desire out there for the ability to select objects by material color settings?

For example:

Color Black - Where RGB values are sufficiently equal and sufficiently near zero to be considered black.
Color White- Where RGB values are sufficiently equal and sufficiently nera one to be considered white.
Color Grey - Where RGB values are sufficiently equal (and not “black” or “white”)
Color Red - Where R is the highest value
Color Green - Where G is the highest value
Color Blue - Whre B is the highest value

What about objects with multiple materials?

That would, of course, increase the likelihood of an object being selected. So probably less useful for an object with many materials.

In truth I did not consider that when the select by color first occurred to me.

with 2.5’s python certainly but it may be a bit of work

I’ve worked out how to do it but with objects that have many materials assigned to them it may not be a very useful thing to have. Object with one material would be a different story.

However I was just thinking about this sort of thing and this one struck me and I wanted to get input from any one here that cared to chime in.

i was thingking about for multicolor mat

for editing color / changing range of colors to another color

be able for instance to specify that for a let say some yellowish color
meaning that it’s some sort of yellow but with many values around yellow
you can select a range of yellowish RBG and say find all theses and convert this to another value of RGB

this is something we don’t relly have in blender and might be usefull on occasion
for editable UV mapping or UV image or even whit color ramp ect…