selecting objects


I am still trying to make sense of Blender’s interface. I am having trouble understanding the way object selection works. I know I can right-click on an object and it is selected. In my Dope-Sheet and Graph views, the object’s name turns white.

However, other items which already were white remain white. And if I click on a name, say the Camera for example, the name turns white but the Camera apparently isn’t selected?

What gives with that? What does it mean when something’s name is white in either the Dope or Graph views?

Basically I was wanting to select the camera, and since I couldn’t see it onscreen to right-click, I was hoping I could select it just by clicking its name. Is that not the case? I know now that I can select the camera from the ‘Select’ menu in the 3D viewport, but I am still wondering what it means when those names are white?