selecting only non-planar quads

I am learning Blender after working in Lightwave. Lightwave has a statistics panel which shows how many polygons are non-planar and, by clicking on a plus sign, allows you to select them. Is there a way to select only non-planar quads in Blender?

There isn’t a way that I know of and I really miss this type of functionality in Blender as well. Now if I could learn how to code worth a damn, this would be the very first project that I would start working on. I’m sure there would be a fairly simple way to do this through Python, I just have to get into it again and make it a point to practice. The statistics panel in LW is a great time saver.

Thanks for your information. I meant to get back to this thread sooner but got sidetracked. I will be taking Blender models into a old game engine called DarkBasic Pro. I guess if I problem arises I can try to find the problem on the mesh and triple those quads. I know in the old days, some game engines only accepted triples. I wonder how much slower DarkBasic Pro would load a mesh with all of the quads converted to triples vs one with quads? Any gamers out there that triple everything before sending the mesh to the game engine?

Game engines convert models in tris, they triangulate them, that’s something i read everywhere.
So there should be no performance difference if you triangulate the whole model before getting it into a game engine.

But there could be some coding specifics that would have you keeping as much quads as possible.

By example in the game engine i usally make addon models for, to be able to display a shadow the lod of the model i want to assign as being the one projecting the shadow own face count must be 400 or less.

In some cases, if i converted myself the model into full tris, i would be over this count and the game code would ignore my setting selecting this lod as the one to use for the shadow projection.

So if your DarkBasic Pro code does not have such conditions, you may be free with going full tris models.

Just keep the models in quads in your back up if you need to rework them in Blender, as quads topology are usually easier to read and rework than tris.

go to python forum and ask question there for 2.5
there might already be a script for this !

happy 2.5

Great info. Yes, I had planned on keeping the quad version and saving as a new name before converting to tris. I actually created a very nonplanar object and sent it to DarkBasic Pro. It seemed to render fine, so I assume that it does turn quads to tris on its own. Thanks again to all you guys.