Selecting region of the loop

When you select random loop in the mesh, how to get selected the interior region of the loop without needing to manually select all faces inside?

loop.blend (499 KB)

Select menu -> loop inner region.

Edit: alternatively, selecting linked (L and ctrl+L) limits the selection to seams by default, so could also mark seams and then select linked faces

Where is select menu?
Thank you.

EDIT> I managed it with video guide. :slight_smile:

Select menu is on the 3D view header. Look closer perhaps.

Oh my. It was in front of my nose. I’m so rookie.
Thanks for the other method.

Heh, happens. Btw. next version of Blender will include a region selection with select shortest path. Now we’re selecting shortest path with ctrl+Rmb, the shortest path with region is done with ctrl+shift+Rmb. You could do a selection like that in face selection mode by altering region and normal path select.