Selecting Single Hair with L

Hi Everybody,

I’m trying to learn how to create hair in Blender because the hair creation tools in Lightwave are terrible by comparison. I’ve been looking at Ricco Cilliers’ You Tube hair tutorial, and its very good, the only problem is there’s a discrepancy.

In the video, he’s using version 2.77 while I’ve just downloaded 2.78. When he creates the hairs, there are little black dots along the hair guides and Ricco says he is able to select individual hair guides by holding the mouse over the hair and/or the black dots and pressing the L key.

You can see him doing that around the 8m 45s mark on the video. When I try to use the L key, nothing happens, even when I hold down the ALT, Shift, or the Ctrl keys. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Very new to Blender so probably everything.

Thanks in advance,

Switch to point mode, instead of path mode.

Thank you very much!!! :smiley: I looked but could not see them hit any buttons before they generated the hair. After watching the video again, it looks like that when he goes into Particle Edit mode, it’s already set to Point mode. I bet when I get home tonight and try again, it will be in Path mode be default. I’ll let you know.