Selecting source for the clone brush

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Blender is not that intuitive sometimes as I would like to…

My Problem is that I dont know how to select the source coordiantes on a texture to the clone pencil. Ive setup a texture TO PAINT ON and an ORIGINAL TEXTURE to take my the image from… Now I can theoreticly copy parts of the old texture to my new textrue, but just in the same place. Ive heared, that the 3D cursor defines where to clone from, BUT there is now 3D Pivot visible when I enter texture Paint…

Some help would be really apreciated!



You hold Ctrl and left click in Your picture…That is the source coordinates…Now you can paint in Your image.

You can not clone from a image there are not in the object…Eg…another image.

If you want to do that…You join the image…That way you can clone from 1 to the other…See picture…:slight_smile:
Delete the one you don’t need when You are done…Puff Puff


have you seen some good tut for texture paint in latest 2.7 / 2.8 ?

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No I havent. Ive looked for em, but there is rly nothinbg out there about 2.77+. :confused: Or do u have one, which especially for this clone painting thing.

Thank you for the advise! I thought I could clone between two images on ONE object WItH an offset…
Seems like that isnt working… Hopefully they will add this feature.

Thanks for ur help!