Selecting the beveled face

Hey all

I just started with blender a couple weeks ago and i am picking things up as i encounter them.

One thing i noticed while working on my first project (Rubiks cube) was that when you bevel an object you cannot select the new angled faces that the bevel creates.

once i had created my rubiks cube with all 26 separate cubes in place, i started selecting each cube and tabbing into the edit mode to manipulate the faces. about halfway through i tabbed into one of the cubes to find that all of its faces including the bevels were able to be selected in the edit mode.

I ended up modeling my whole cube by duplicating this one object 26 times and starting from there.

I dont know how i did this, and going back to it i havent figured out how to replicate it.

any ideas?

heres a shot of the different cubes

You press the Apply button in the bevel modifier settings to make the bevel mesh real