Selecting UV layer of multiple objects in 2.92

Hi all :slight_smile:

Is there a way of selecting several objects in the scene and choose same UV layer on all in one go ?
Or do i have to do it by hand by selecting-choosing UV for each object ?

Thanks and happy blending !

AFAIK, it’s option 2. That, or scripting.

With multiple objects selected you can have it at smart uv unwrap only. The resulting islands from all of them will end in just one UV.

EDIT: you need to call the operator from the space menu for it to do the trick, if I’m not mistaken. The option is a bit arcane.

thanks for your answers.
Multi-select and unwrap is not very clear on what the target UV layer is :confused:

The scripting idea seems to be a good one and i see the simple thing to be done:
foreach(S in selected_obj)

The hard part is the integration in blender, adding a button under the UVs on mesh tab of the properties window. I’m really not in my ease space when having to modify blender UI :confused:

However i think this would be a good addon complementing the multi-select/multi-obj-UV-edition feature :wink:

Happy blending !

noone got idea for adding a button to UV maps panel for selecting multiple objects UV ?

something like this:

Got you covered :wink: