Selecting uv points, then corresponding mesh vertices?

If I select some uv points in the uv editor, is there a way to then select the corresponding vertices or faces in the mesh? The uv points I’m selecting are all grouped together on one part of the uv map, so it’s easy to select them. I want to then assign a different material ID to the faces these particular uv’s belong to. How do I do this?


In the UV editor, there is a selection type called “Active Face Select”. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you select only face in the editor or viewport, it’ll show it as individually selected (i.e. you can tell which one is the one you’ve just selected).

UV-mapping doesn’t work that way. Sure, you can have separate images all mapped to the same UV coordinates, but you can’t have separate UV coordinates for the same mesh. Scale your UV layout to be large enough to deal with it. Also, make use of the zooming capabilities in the UV editor, as well. The brush select – B (for Box select) and B again (for brush) – will also help in your selecting UV coords. You can alter the size of the brush with your mouse’s wheel.

I hope that helps,