selecting vertices and DEselecting them

OK, I’ve managed to make the basic shape of a scout, more or less thru trial, error and memories of scultp 4d surfacing, combined with my native intelligence.

Now I need some tips on selecting and deselecting vertices. I’m OK on selecting them mostly, but can’t see how they deselect.

So, if someone could tell me how to deselct the points I’d be grateful.

If you want to select/deselect all/parts use the “A” hot key . You select as you know with RMB .
If you want to use the brush select/deselect hit “B” twice and you should see a dotted brush circle appear . You can increase/decrease the size with the mouse wheel (MMB) . You brush select with the LMB . You deselect by pressing down on the mouse wheel (MMB) .

To de-select Shift+RMB (2.44)

already mentioned, but this method is awesome, and I didn’t know about it until I got Tony Mullen’s book. :slight_smile:

Press “B” twice and “paint” your selection.

hold the left mouse button to select, middle to deselect.
scroll the mousewheel to change the circle size.
press escape when you’re done.

With box select (B key), LMB selects and RMB de-selects.

OK, thanks, major help there.

Now I’m trying to “cut windows” in a solid panel. I’ve tried subdividing the surface then lowering ther selected vertices, didn’t quite work. I may now try extruding the selected vertices downward, the eliminating the faces over the extrusion. The idea is I have a flat, angled hull panel and I want to have some beveled windows in it, vaguely like the ship in the original planet of the apes movie.

well, you could try the boolean intersection tools (see wiki i think) but that code is unmaintained.

The manual way is to subdivide the mesh, delete the faces where the window goes, and face in the window sills.

In general, I think a better method is simply to extrude->scale in the panel faces, resize the new inner faces to the shape of your window, delete the inner faces, and manually create the “window sills” (interior edges)

alternatively, make two knife cuts down both sides of the panel, directly “cutting out” the shape of your window with the cuts, then delete the inner face and fill in the sills again.

first has less verts but trapezoidal faces, second has more verts, but all cuts are parallel.

Also, avoid booleans like the plague (in most situations, they are almost necessary for creating certain types of objects). At least in blender, the geometry returned by boolean operations is horrendous (I know its gotten better and is being worked on [I think] but still)

I’d go with the “extrude downward” method myself. Quick and simple.

And yeah, booleans certainly have their uses, but be prepared for strange geometry !

I extruded downwards after working out the extrusion variants.

Now I need to mirror the window to the other side of the hull…