Selecting vertices...are there simpler ways?

I typically work in side and top views and when selecting vertices it gets hard because you sometimes end up selecting vertices that are behind the one you wanted… is there a way to restrict vertice selection? also is there some kind of loop selection? for instance, I have a cylinder and I made some circule cuts on the top, and I want to select the vertices on that cut. is there a way to select one and then all the ones on that cut get selected? (loop select?)

I read through the guides and wasn’t able to find anything, but I might have missed something.

No way to restrict vertex selection in the way you’re talking about AFAIK.

However, face loop select is Shift-R. There’s also a vertex loop select which is Alt-B. You can see these functions under the select header when you press the spacebar.

Hope that helped

You can use H to hide vertices temporarily - It’s really good if you’re working on things with two sides

being 4 days into blender ive found myself having similiar problems… so far… the best way i myself have found to select single verts and make sure it IS the one i want… is the arrows on the munber pad… it rotates your view in small imcrements allowing you to get to a sloghtly perspective angle and click a vert without there ebing anything behind it… then press 7 for top view or 3 for side to get back to your main view and continue your editing.

yeah, i forgot, Hide is a lifesaver. Also, you may not like working this way if you’re used the working in the orthogonal top and front views, but I like to model from perspective views and use the X, Y, and Z constraints. I like it (and there’s no confusion about which vert you’re picking) but its a personal choice how you choose to work. I don’t think one is better than the other. I kind of use the both interchangeably.

Also, like dragon said, you can rotate the view a bit to see which vert you’re picking. However, I like just holding the MMB and dragging it a tad to the side. I just find thats faster and more controllable than using the arrow keys

thanks, I had totally forgot about hiding verts. made my modeling insanely easier :slight_smile:

actually I like to model in perspective also, but mostly for organic pieces. top and sides are what I use more for mechanical stuff, ie. the speaker Im modeling. thanks for the help. it did help.