selecting vertices from different objects at the same time

I know how to select multiple vertices, edges and sides at the same time. I’m struggling however when trying to select vertices, edges and sides from multiple objects at the same time. :spin:

When in edit mode, I’m trapped in one object (usually preferable), but I want to select vertices from multiple objects at the same time to distort them in unison.

Any thoughts on how to do this? I truly appreciate the assistance in advance.

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You can only edit one object at a time. You would have to join the selected objects (Ctrl+J) and then separate afterwards §

Thanks for that quick response!

I just found that answer as well in the trusty documentation:

In Edit mode, only one mesh can be edited at the time. However, several objects can be joined into a single mesh (CtrlJ in Object mode) and then separated again (P in Edit mode). If multiple objects are selected before entering Edit mode, all the selected objects remain highlighted in orange indicating that they are part of the active selection set.

It looks like once I join everything, my different materials stay intact. How awesome is that?!

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Also check out hooks to control vertices of multiple objects .

Snapping works for multiple objects, so you can snap to selected vertices of another object even in edit mode. Another handy addon when working with multiple objects and one object in edit mode is the 3d cursor addon: