Selecting Verts...

Howdy! Been a while, good to see everyone again!

In the latest version of blender…I used to beable to border select in the side view, and it would select verts across the edge…this isn’t the case, and I can’t figure out how to set it back. Right now, say I select a vert in the side view, it only selects that vert, instead of all across the front…


hey chad,

it sounds to me like you are in shaded mode…try pressing ‘z’ to go into wire mode.

hope this help ya!

Thanks! That was it. slaps forhead Was trying to reset up my preferred modeling layout from the default, and didn’t change the views. Ugh, its been a while. :wink:

The new Blender is rockin’, by the way. :smiley:

there is a button that will allow you to select those verts in shaded view as well, it’s the one right next to vertice/edge/face select buttons…

Hey! Great! Thanks for the tip.

I haven’t used blender since the introduction of the verts/face/edge select thing, but I’m DEFINITELY glad its there. What are the hot keys to select those guys from the keyboard?

hehe, ctrl-tab

ctrl-space for the widgets…