selection filters, reference layers,...

i really like animating with 2.4 but what i somewhat miss are selection filters.

for example i would like that only the stuff i need for animation is selectable (like ik-targets,…). it can be annoying if you always have to be very careful about not selecting wrong stuff accidentally.

is there some functionality like that in blender?

You can hide (H) all the skeletal bones in Pose mode and leave only your IK-Targets visible.


yes, i was aware of that but i still sometimes select wrong stuff in the background like the mesh which belongs to the armature.

Not in Pose mode, you can’t.


hm… i can! i think this behavior changed in 2.4?

Well I had to download it to make sure and you are right, so my apollogies. Now I’m going to have to doublecheck everything I say.

Anyhow, this is not a bad thing (one step back and three steps forward) in my opinion as there is now so much more usability. Maybe we should see if we can get the Object mode Alt-RMB function expanded to Edit and Pose mode too.


what’s the “object mode alt-rmb function”? :slight_smile:

If you use Alt-RMB to select a bunch of objects on top of one another in Object mode you get a popup list of objects you can select from.


Crikey! I’ve been using Blender on and off for a few years now, and I’m still learning new hotkeys! Good one. Thanks. :slight_smile: