Selection issue with 2.48

hi All,

I 'm having selection issues with 2.48, seems to link the objects together.

i create 2 cubes . right click one , it selects it. now right click the other one , it also selects the first one and then i can’t do anything else than having all or nothing selected. wierd?

also when i do a file new , erase all , it does … nothing.

any idea? coud it be a wrong python version ( i have 2.6) ??


Yeah, it sounds like a python thing, cause Blender 2.48 is compiled with Python 2.5.2

ok will try to install 2.5.2 .


Yeah that worked for my cousin too.

mm, no it did not work , its still weird. cant even do a new scene and the screen behaves very strangely , it flickers when i move the mouse . dont know what to do , might have to go down to 2.46 if it still works.

I’m not great at this sort of problem(I’ve never run into them), but it may have to do with your graphics card.

ok well i installed 2.46 and it was the same
now i have played with the options and now it seems ok.

it seems it was creating all the objects as if it was only one , never saw that before, did not knew it was possible to do but now it seems ok.

thanks for your help RedJay !!