Selection issues with Multisample On.

Dear All,

As you know, Blender 2.65 features anti-aliased viewport. I turned it on and reloaded Blender. I noticed that the selection in mesh edit mode is still erratic - with “Limit selection to visible” on, rectangular select (b) or paint selection © include a lot of extraneous verts/edges/faces. Is that fixable? Thank you.

FYI: I have Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 vide card.

In the graphics card control panel see if turning off antialiasing for blender and letting blender control it sees any improvement

As I can see, this behaviour (let the application control AA) is the default setting one for any app in the Nvidia Control Panel. If my memory serves me right, that selection issue was the case in earlier versions of Blender when used with forced AA from Nvidia Control Panel. And the issue remains the same with Blender’s internal Multisampling… It’s sad. I will check once again though. Thanks.

Thanks for this post, I was wondering why when I tried to select a corner vert it would would select the opposite corner! I wouldn’t have thought of multisampling being the culprit, if I turn my multisampling down to 8 it seems to work normally, at 16 I have a problem (I have gtx 480)