selection mode ala pull down menu


i did not know that when objects are overlapping and you click alt + rmb than blender gives you a pulll down menu with all objects behind the curser. so you can select which one you want!

it also works with shift selection as well!

i did not read about it so i thought i should post it here!


nice trick !
there is a lot of small tricks in blender that are really useful but hard to find.
(like the shift-ctrl that works on the sliders, or the value that acts as sliders)

Ahh the beauty of the physical manual. It has a full list of hot keys. pretty useful.

The Alt-click menu is new, contributed for 2.35 by Campbell ‘ideasman’ Barton with tweaks by Ton. So, it won’t be in the printed manual unless the publishers have a nice time travel device :slight_smile:

Alt RMB works like a charm … especially if you name your objects :slight_smile: