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I don’t know what happened. I use the “B” and then right click and drag to select multiple vertices and get no selections from it.

When I have everything selected and I do the “B” right click and drag the selected elements unselect, but the opposite won’t work.

Select all and unselect all still works.

It’s just regular old “B”, right click, and drag that I’m having trouble with.

Any info about this would appreciated. Thanks.

B left-click & drag to select.

B right-click & drag to deselect.

B and right-click to cancel box-selection.

Actually “B” won’t do anything.

But “b” will :slight_smile:


Do me a favor… look at the key between V and N, and reproduce the character printed on it please. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only key that does the same thing shifted or not is “q Q”. (also “eE”, “yY” don’t appear to do anything in object mode, and “jJ” seem to be not mapped to anything.

Many keys have two different functions depending on upper/lower case

Many keys won’t do anything when shifted.

I guess you can specifiy “G” or “SH-G”, but when I read something that says press “B”, to me that means the SHift is implied :slight_smile:

… At least you didn’t say “BKEY” :smiley:


When indicating an input that requires a shift (e for example), it’s best to list it with the shift (“Shift+E” for example), as the key itself is actually “E” and not “e”. Framing the issue as a difference between upper-case and lower-case is both misleading and confusing. You might also notice that when the capslock is engaged, the inputs E and Shift+E have the exact same functions as they do when capslock is not engaged. Were it an issue of upper-case versus lower-case, the functioning would be reversed. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I never noticed that.

I guess the reason I emphasize the letter-case, is that I usually don’t look at the keyboard …but rather on the screen output. After reading the Wiki conventions, I suppose I’ll yield to the majority … but I refuse to give in to the “AKEY”, “BKEY” stuff :slight_smile:


No, you must yield…

Kneel son of Jore-El, and cower before the MIGHT OF ZOD!

Oh… umm… yeah. I’m just pullin’ yer chain. I’m certainly not the majority. :slight_smile:


I like at the end of the movie where Zod loses his powers and gets his fingers bent back (nothing personal … honest :smiley: )


Spectre-7 said
B left-click & drag to select.

B right-click & drag to deselect.

B and right-click to cancel box-selection.

Thanks for being patient.
It’s such a simple answer. I feel like a dunce now.

It worked though. That’s what’s important.