Selection Problem with Blender 2.49b after Change of GraphicsCard

Hi there,

I have Win7 64 bit and changed my GTX 570 against a GTX 980Ti Superclocked today. Of course I installed the according driver.

I never had a problem with my old blender 2.49b. I love working with blender for modding Oblivion, Fallout etc.

But now whenever I use the selection tool (square or circle) the selection doesn’t get refreshed somehow and stays on the screen … I’ve made a screenie.

I tried to reinstall blender, reinstalled directx but nothing helped. I tried to change the settings of the graphics card for blender … still nothing. With a newer blender (portable) version I don’t have this problem. Unfortunately I got no deeper technical background. But since blender is a part of my daily leisure time I hope someone can eventually help me in that matter.

Thanks in advance and
best regards

Of course I installed the according driver.
Check again. These things are usually driver issues.

Ok … I’ll try to reinstall the graphics driver … maybe with an older driver version and Blender with Python too. Thanks for now.

Ok … swapping from current nvidia gpu driver 372.90 to older version 368.81 solved the problem.