Selection problem

(CharlieB) #1

Ok, I’m making a toon character and I modeled some of the pieces and then I added some textures. No sweat. Then I added some lamps so I could render it and see how I was doing.

Now I want to go back and edit my materials for the meshes but it wont let me! After I have de-selected everything, I clicked on my materials button and nothing shows up, theres no content there.

Please Help me if you can!

I hope this is clear enough for you.

Colin “Charlie Brown” Barnette

(BetaParticl) #2

In order to edit a material, you must select an object with that material assigned to it. If nothing is selected, nothing comes up on the Material window.

(CharlieB) #3

Arggh… Ok I deselect everything and then I select the mesh in which I want to edit the material that is placed on it, but, alas, nothing shows up in the materials window at all.

:-? :frowning:
What am I doing wrong???

(theeth) #4

Are you sure there is a material on that mesh? Go to the Edit Buttons window (F9) and check if the Mat slider looks like 1 Mat: 1 and if there is no preview next to it. If that is the case, there is no material attached to that mesh, so you’d have to go to the Material window and add a new one.