Selection Set and Groups

I come from a 3dsmax and Maya background. Both these apps have groups. Both have selection sets. I use selection sets a lot when I am animating to allow me to single certaibn controls to make keyframes on. I like that selection sets are on exclusive (multiple selection sets can share members). Is there something like this in blender 2.5? The “manual” for blender does not seem searchable so I cannot find this info. Thanks.


The blender wiki is searchable. Press the triangle to the left of Login to expand the options to show the search box.

Blender has groups, create and add objects to groups in the Object settingsl. To select all objects in a group, select on object in the groups and press Shift+G, select Group.

Use “Vertex Group” in Blender and assign vertices into group. The name of Vertex Group will correspond and link into Armature Bones (same name will automatically weighted into the vertex group).

Even though this is necro’ing years old thread…

At least in Blender 2.80 there is now an add-on for creating selection set similar to 3ds Max

It is for pose bones only (and it needs some UX work IMO).

See chapter about Bone Selection Sets v. 2.1.0:

More necro:

2.8n has FACE MAPS – why the devs couldn’t make the terminology similar to Vertex Groups is a mystery. So for selection sets, we have:

For polys: FACE MAPS

I’m wondering when we’ll get a similar facility for Edges.

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Thanks, looks good.

where do u find the addon after instalation?