Selection Stuck

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So I was in the middle of UV mapping a cup and some how when I was Aligning some lines, I accidentally pressed Shift and some other button. Now, the selection I chose is stuck and I can’t choose another line in the UV Editor. Any idea what happened?

might you have accidentally pinned the selection? see if unpin works. I think it’s shift P or something similar. It’s in the menus anyway.

I was able to get un highlighting the selection now I can’t select anything.

I can’t think of anything other than maybe it’s a bug / glitch. try saving the file, opening a new one, appending the object ( shift F1 ), and see if it persists.
(edit) it’s also possible that it is a corrupt file, in which case reverting to an earlier version of the file is the only option.

Have you maybe turned on UV Sculpt accidentally? UVs menu -> UV Sculpt (checkbox).

I’m an idiot. How in the world did I activate UV Sculpt by accident?! Thanks Modron and CD for helping me solving this problem. CD, you called on it.