Selection to Grid problem

I’m trying to model my first car :smiley: and I have run into a problem. I did the side and from the top view, i extruded the ouline edges torwards the centre to about half the size of the car.

Now i have to align the vertices in a straight line (from the top view) i guess so that when it comes to mirroring to complete the other side of the car it will be easier. The problem is when i select all the vertices that i just exruded and do [Shift-S] and selection to grid, some of the vertices move diagonally and attache to other vertices. To help explain i have a copy of the .blend file here,


If you have a bunch of vertices selected, and you try and snap them to the nearest grid point, it doesn’t mean that they will only move in one axis… They will move along all 3 to the nearest grid point. Try making a circle, UV sphere, monkey, etc. selecting all the vertices and snapping them to the grid. This messes up the shape pretty good - which I think is kinda what you are getting, right?

All you really want to do is put all of the vertices that are going to make up the seam (for putting the 2 halves together) to be in one plane. Also its easier if that split-plane happens to line up with the grid (but not strictly necessary).

What I would recommend is to put the 3D cursor on the grid where you want your split-plane to be. To do this:

LMB click in the approximate location, then shift-S > snap “Cursor to Grid”.

Then select all of the vertices that you want on the split plane, and scale them all onto the split plane. So try it like this:

Start in the overhead view and with your mouse pointer somewhere way off to the right of the 3D cursor. Press period “.” to scale about the cursor. Press s to scale, then move your mouse horizontally in towards the cursor, then middle click to constrain to that axis. Now hold control to make your scaling snap to even 10% intervals, and move the mouse all the way in to the cursor (so your scale should display as 0.00 in the X, and 1.00 in the Y and Z directions) and LMB click to confirm your scale.

Make sense?

Your off to a good start - Good luck with your model!

Hey it worked ! thanks alot. :slight_smile: