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I’m very beginner. When I select un object (ex : cube) with the right button and the “face select mode” active, the choosen face appears with row of dots and not with the plain pink aspect whereas the “draw edges” and “draw faces” are active in the Mesh tool more window in the edit menu.
May be I did check something wrong.

When i deselect all with A. the last selected face keeps the dot aspect.

Could anyone give me a hand.


I’m not totally sure of the problem, but this sounds right. The last selected face does keep highlighted, but it is not still selected.

I think there may be a little confusion about the modes of blender (sorry if this isn’t the case). You’re in edit-mode, where you deal with the vertices, faces and edges of the mesh. To get the plain pink colour for the object (which signals that you are in object mode, and not editing the mesh itself) you need to be in object mode. Look at the toolbar at the bottom of the 3d window, it should say “edit mode”, change this to object mode. This can also be done by hitting tab.

Is this what you wanted to know?

Hope it helps anyway, and have fun with blender.

Hi Ian,

Thank for your help !!!

I think blender is built like that by default. And i don’t think that’s possible to turn it off.
I mean so far !! My experience is not so great !!

All the best

Hi Ian

Thank for Your help !!

I think Blender is running like that by default.

There may be a tip to turn it off. But don’t know it.

all the best

Thank man !!

I think the soft’s running like that by default.

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