Selection via texture....?

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I am well aware of the fact that what I am asking might not be possible, but I will ask anyway.

I made a skin suit for a few of my characters but when I tired making one suit through sculpting, it took days, and ended up not loading, so I made a displacement texture for it instead. maybe took an hour. However, I want to make an animation for it where part of it shrinks down to fit to the character, but I only want the white parts to shrink while the metallic parts remain the same size.

Can I use the displacement texture to select only the white parts of the object?

Are you using subdivision to generate the vertices? If so, those aren’t real vertices, just virtual vertices, and they’re not selectable in edit mode.

If you’re not using any kind of subdivision, it’s possible to select by texture color, but not easy. You could create a vertex group, then use your texture to modulate a vertex group edit modifier, which could be used to put the vertices that were white (to some level of error) in a single, selectable vertex group.

If you like to keep your topology, I would say no. What you try to achieve isn’t possible.

I think the simplest way would be doing it by hand. Knife tool and some music. :wink:

Could you elaborate a bit more? I want to try this, but I don’t know how. I don’t see such a modifier.

Pardon me, “vertex weight edit” modifier

Ah yes. I thought that might be what you meant, but I experimented with this a little and I had no idea what I was doing; and nothing I tried worked. Is there an online tutorial for how to use it, or can you in steps explain how i can make it do what I need?

There’s the documentation:

And here’s an example file, with a packed image:

vwtedit.blend (273.9 KB)

Hey! Okay, so I started on a new project that requires me to select vertices by using a texture file and i reopened this question to remind myself how but I didn’t exact get the solution I was looking for. I opened your file but it isn’t working for some reason. Can you assist me with this again? begs

The file works for me. I can help you, but the answer is still what I said earlier in the thread, nothing has changed. If you need more than that, you have to be specific about where you’re getting stuck.

Your file is fine in my downloads preview, but when I open it… I get nothing

The image file didn’t get packed into the blend…

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vwtedit.blend (231.2 KB)

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THANK YOU!!! This was VERY helpful!