I’m doing the first tutorial, creating a simple castel.
I have to make a cone to fit on a cillinder, as soon as the cone gets deselected and if it’s still not in top of the cilinder I don’t know how to reselect only the cone.
How do I do that??


are u talking bout vertices.Please be a little bit more specific.

well I’m so noob I don’t even know what vertices are :stuck_out_tongue:
But what I mean:
In the tutorial I first have to add a circle and raise it, so it forms a cillinder. Next a cone has to be placed on top so it forms the roof. So I add a cone. But as soon as the cone gets deselected (it isn’t yellow anymore / by pressing tab) I can’t reselect just the cone. If I press tab again the cilinder I created earlier gets selected too, so I can’t relocated the cone.

How can I select just the cone?

You’re probably in Edit mode(you’ll see the pink verticies on the object that’s selected.) Press TAB to go into Object mode. You will be able to move objects around. I think that’s what your problem is anyway.

You can us the “L” shortcut key. In edit mode place your mouse over or around a vert of the mesh you want to select and press “L”. This will select the rest of the verts linked to that mesh.

More information like this:

Or you may go to edit mobe.Press z.Press b and drag a box over the cone in edit mode.The when the cone is selected press p which will make it a seperate object.
Vertices are those dots in edit mode which allow you to manipulate an objects form.