Selective glossy

(leandrooliveira) #1

Hi everybody,

Imagine the following situation: a chrome sphere reflecting two objects, A and B. Now, I don´t want Object B being reflected on sphere. How can I do this in Cycles?

Thanks in advance.

(moony) #2

Yep - give the object you don’t want to show a reflection - a material like this blue sphere:

The only problem is - your object won’t have a shadow either. You can’t give it a shadow either since the shadow would show up in the reflection even though the object won’t.

(leandrooliveira) #3

The shadow issue was the problem, Moony! And another question: is it possible to avoid blue object reflection on the chrome sphere, but keep its reflection on other objects, just setting up the shaders nodes?

(moony) #4

Not using that node setup - it makes the blue sphere invisible to all reflections.

I’m not sure if there is a way to do it using nodes.

The easiest method would probably be to composite the scene. Render the scene with and without the blue sphere - then just overlay the two images and mask off the areas you don’t want it to appear in GIMP or Photoshop.

(leandrooliveira) #5

Thsnks, Moony. I knew that the best way would be via composite. Thanks, again.

(Ghaell) #6

You may solve the shadow problem by setting up the light path to glossy ray, it won’t reflect in the chrome sphere but it will cast shadows…

(moony) #7

The problem with that solution is that the objects shadow will reflect - even though the object itself doesn’t.

Having a shadow with no object casting it will look odd.