selective specularity

(rkimball) #1

is there any way to select which lights will contribute to an objects specularity and which ones will contribute only to lighting the object? For example, i have a simple scene with a shiny ball in it, but i have about 4 lights in the scene. I only want the key light to create a specular reflection, and the fill and back lights to contribute only to lighting the object. Is this possible?



(Jamesk) #2

Not possible. Unless you cheat some way by compositing two renders together (in one of which you’ve set the ball to have no specularity at all, with all lights on, and the other render with only the key light and the original spec settings)

Edit: You could of course also use a radiosity solution to get the desired ambience, then add just the key light for the final render.

(S68) #3

You can try to do this:

Place a second sphere, a littlelittlelittle larger concentric with the first. place this sphere and the light to generate specularity on another layer.

Make this light affect only this layer.

Make the other lights affect only the other layer.

Make the second sphere completely transparent but with SpTr to maximum.

Might work