Selective transparency, how to?

Hello, I want to make a surface which only blocks one other surface, nothing else, to explain I have two links to youtube videos of the object I want to create:

sorry they are not very clear, basically I want the grey square in video 1 to be transparent to let the background through, but make the letters transparent for that area as well. I think this is the best way, however if anyone knows another way to achieve the same affect like mapping, let me know please.

If you cant tell, the words are spinning and they need to be invisible at that one point

Thanks in advance for your advice.

blue lines, blue letters and grey square are different objects.

Maybe I didn’t explain the question well, I basically want to know if it is possible to have a transparent surface which blocks one surface not others… so for example if there is a clear plane and a green cube, when the cube goes behind the plane the cube becomes invisible (but you can see everything behind the plane only the cube is affected) I am guessing that it might require a python code or only be possible in post production but if you know a way please let me know.

Use nodes and two render layers and play with the alpha’s and Z buffers :slight_smile:

“do composite”

Have fun :slight_smile: