Selective volumetric lighting?

I would like to create an image that has volumetric lighting for only certain lights, but regular lighting for the other lights.

Volumetric lighting test 03.blend (721.3 KB)

In this blend file, I would like to take the light called light-non-volumetric and make it behave normally. Since it’s inside the area of the Volumetric area cube, though, I’m not sure how to do that…other than render that light out on a separate view layer and combine it with the volumetric lighting render in post.

Any suggestions?

There is a reason why lght is casting volumetricity. Because there is fog, dust etc. So every light is affecting this. Usually the vloume has nothing to do with one lamp but with every lamp.If you could get the volume effect from one lamp it would solve the problem.

You’d need to setup a node group to do “cone mapping” and increase the volume density where the “spot volume” is located. But the other light will affect this volume. No way around it using the same render pass.

If it’s only scatter, you may get around it switching off volume scatter from the other lights in the lights ray visibility toggles, I’ve never tried this though.

it can be done with cycles. i don’t know with eevee. for cycles go to the properties tab of the spotlight and in the Ray Visibility, uncheck Volumetrics

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