self colliding mesh body (make skin fold and press when joints move)??


This most likely would require some expert help.

I’m looking for a way to make a characters skin press and fold when it touches other parts of the body (instead of passing through it’s self)

I know of shape keys, but I need something dynamic that calculates on the fly (the way that a real human body would respond)

eg: like how when you bend your arm, the flesh on your fore arm ‘flattens’ its self against your bicep.

eg: someone puches you in the stomach, your gut envelops their fist.

Thanks in advance:eyebrowlift:

I just watched a movie called Mega Mind (a CG cartoon movie). And they displayed several instances of what I’m talking about.

–like when Mega Mind pressing his face against the window of his car.
–or when he grabbed Metro Man’s face and said “speak aberration”.