Self Illumination video tutorial

This is my best tutorial to date, it shows how to make a material that glows in the dark and also some tips and tricks on general blender use. Now it was kinda strange to me to do a tutorial that way, talking into the camera like that felt odd to me and i may have stared a bit to much.

I’m hoping to improve my Tutorials, i want them to be easy to follow along to and also entartaining to watch. Give me feedback on what you thought of this tutorial, i’d love to see your renders following it and tell me what tutorials you’d like to see in the future!

Nice tutorial, Nokirar.

The only “issue” for me is that there are many tutorials on glowing light already, so yours falls in a crowded arena.

If I had to suggest a topic for future tutorials I’d go for materials creation; there is not much learning stuff availalle, or at least good stuff.
It would be nice to know the right settings to create different type of woods, metals, glass, plastic surfaces, tissues, etc.

Keep it up mate!

The latest Bl 2.57, does not show the light on the plane …? you video is (for me) not clear enough …
Which version had this effect? Which PC, M,W,L?

I just recreated it with the newest official version of blender (2.57).

Do you have on raytrace instead of approximate? Have you typed in a colour value above the default colour values in blender?

Colour 50 ok, ?raytrace approximate, where? These ‘clicks’ are in the video?
Sorry that nice shining of the cube I cannot produce ;-(

At the very start of getting into blender i tell to turn on indirect lighting, then i mention that you want to turn this to approximate.

So take a look at the very start of getting into blender.

You are right! indirect lighting and approximate does the job … so I did not hear/saw it! Something like this should probably stress with some extra (in a film) …
Thank you!

I’m glad that you got it to work. If you just pay attention you hear it in the tutorial, but i maybe should have included a step by step in the description.

Ha ha, pay attention ;-), searched for it more than once (and maybe without speakers not on …) SO: THAT important point has to be stressed
by a good picture (at least).

Ok, i’ll try my best to be more clear in the future :slight_smile: