self-intersecting array ?...

Hi. I attached screenshot of my scene. There’s a simple array composed of a subsurfed cube. Curve defines shape of array and there’s also a cute empty which defines the scale.

Now the important staff. Array is using x relative offset of 0.8 so “cubes” intersect with each other. After applying the array resulting mesh is quite crappy (for example I cannot decimate it, booleans produce strange results, etc …). This is the problem I’m trying to solve.

I tried to fix it by separating all individual cubes (pkey->all loose parts, in edit mode) and uniting them one by one using boolean operations. It took ages (I’m not really a fast clicker:-)) … and … it failed … because resulting mesh was non-manifold (which is in fact quite common for buggy booleans in blender, at least from my experience:-)). It could be possible to fix the mesh by hand etc but I definitely don’t like it. I recalculated normals before operation so it’s not an issue.

I’m pretty new to blender (2 days actually:-)) so maybe I’m doing it plainly wrong and I believe there could be a better way how to do the job. Any suggestions?


Please, explain what you are trying to do, or at least what you are expecting blender to do. From your description, arrays probably aren’t the right approach.

I need to create a mesh which looks like one on the picture I attached. It means e a row of partially overlapping objects scaling a bit down at each iteration. Individual “objects” should look like cropped cone or something similar (I used subsurfed cube). I need a single well-behaved mesh so I can manipulate it further (decimate, boolean, whatever…).

Curve is not an issue (I can use curve modifier to any mesh as far i know).

As I described before booleans for separate objects don’t work for me probably because of blender’s fault :slight_smile:

And of course I’m expecting blender to simplify this job as much as possible.