Self learner...Need help

I am a new 3D artist and a self learner. I have learnt sculpting and retopology till now and I am aiming to make a character for animation but most tutorials on the internet model the characters for animation instead of sculpting them so I have not been able to find some answers to extremely specific questions in the tutorials.

I have sculpted a human model with a closed mouth. Since I intend to animate this model, I retopologised it and then created a separate gum and teeth model using box modeling and subsurface modifier. Then I went to my original retopology model, turned snapping off and built a cavity inside the mouth that has a protruding tongue.

My questions begin here:

  1. how do I connect my teeth and gum to the model? Do I simply use ctrl+J. If so, how do I set it so that the upper gum is connected to the upper part of the mouth cavity and the lower gum is connected to the lower part of the mouth cavity? Will this be done later when I begin rigging and weight painting?

  2. Does it impact anything in texturing / animation stages if the teeth/gum are not directly connected to my retopologised models through vertices?

  3. My initial 3D sculpt has a close mouth and does not have a mouth cavity while the retopologised model does. Would this affect the model when I project details of the sculpted model later on?

Thank you

  1. Crtl+J is not what you want. You’ll need to rig it, you attach the upper gum to the head bone and the lower jaw to its own bone. Your tongue also will have a unique rig, probably two to three bones.

  2. Should be fine as long as you rig it correctly.

  3. Yeah, it probably will, you’ll probably need to do some tweaking and texturing down the line

Thank you for the answers. One last question, would you recommend rigging before unwrapping and texturing in my current pipeline?

I personally think it’s easier to do rigging last. My (abbreviated) pipeline is modeling > texturing > rigging, but that is just personal preference. Whatever feels right for you :slight_smile:

you can watch Dikko channel from modelling,texture and rigging

Great. Thank you for the help!